Children’s National Research Institute | Academic Annual Report 2017-2018

Innovation Through Collaboration


Intellectual Property Summary

Issued Patents by Technology Type
2017 Stats Total
Inventions Disclosures 30
Patent Applications filed 17
Patents Issued 7
All-Time Stats Total
Inventions Disclosures 183
Patents Issued 34

2017 Featured Licenses


OncoImmune is a small biotech company founded by Dr. Yang Liu, recently of Children’s National. Dr. Liu and his colleagues have developed IL-27 fusion proteins that, when delivered to a patient with gene therapy techniques, can become an effective cancer treatment in combination with monoclonal antibody therapeutics. It may also serve enhance the effectiveness of cancer and viral vaccines. OncoImmune has licensed this technology from Children’s National, and it will seek to move this promising therapeutic through clinical development.

HemoShear Therapeutics

Dr. Marshall Summar and his team at Children’s National are working with HemoShear Therapeutics to develop therapies for Organic Acidemias and other rare metabolic diseases. A collaboration has been in place for several years, and HemoShear recently licensed Children’s National’s rights in a patent application directed to the treatment of proprionic acidemia and methylmalonic acidemia. Both groups hope that by working together, effective treatments can be developed for these rare metabolic disorders that affect thousands of children every year.


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